Environment and ISO

Activity for environment protection

Revised in June 29, 2016

Environmental Policy

Recognizing that it is one of the most important subject for a mankind in common totake over the blessed global environment to the next generation, we will implement the followings for building up harmony between corporate activities and natural environment.

  • 1.Exerting ourselves for progress of the result by continuous improvements according to constructing environmental management system and setting up environmental targets based upon its policy.
  • 2.Exerting ourselves for prevention of environmental pollution by controlling waste by the effective use promotion of resources, complying with related legal requirements.
  • 3.Exerting ourselves to contribute to the global environment by promotion of supplying long-life parts with high performance and high efficiency for a clear air.
  • 4.Exerting ourselves to preserve environment-related, activities paying attention to a dialogue with local residents as well as being aware of our duties as member in local society.
  • 5.Exerting ourselves to improve recognition and consciousness of environments, communicating environmental policy to all persons working for or on behalf of our company by making of climate valuing environment, resources through environmental education, enlightenment activity.

Guideline for activity

Environmental Management System (EMS)
1. Promotion of 3R Reduce/Reuse/Recycle 2. Elimination of Waste 3. Promotion ofenergy-saving/resources 4. Appropriate control of chemical subtances 5. Product development and design with environmental consideration


We are helping to reduce the burden on the environment through various engine parts.
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Piston Rings

Cylinder Liners


Valve Seat Inserts


Valve Train Parts
Environmental improvement issue

Reduction of fuel consumption

Reduction of friction
Weight reduction / Thinning ring width

Reduction of emission

Reduction of LOC
Combustion at high pressure / temperature
EGR, Hybrid

Refining for clean fuel

Copling with alternative fuel such as CNG

Reduction and prohibition for the use of rare-metals / environment destructive substances


Acquisition of ISO and IATF certificator

Head Office Tochigi Plant NPR Iwate NPR Fukushima
Certification Title
(Acquiring date)
(December, 2000)
(January, 1999)
(June, 2015)
(October, 2017)
(May, 2015)