Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Based on the concept of "comprehensive restoration of oral function," IAT Implant System systematizes the whole process from osteotomy to fabrication of the upper structure so that dentists can perform procedures in a smooth and safe manner. The system covers a wide range of prosthetics treating from a single missing tooth to a partially edentulous arch or a totally edentulous jaw. In addition, the simple procedures and affordable price of the system surely ease the burden on both dentists and patients.

Characteristics of IAT EXA Implant System

High wettability promotes vital reactions that benefit osteoanagenesis.

ED Surface (a surface machined with electrical discharge) is a clean surface created and shaped through electrical discharge machining with a pure titanium wire electrode, and it consists of a micropit surface made by regularly arranged traces of electrical discharge and a thick oxide film of functionally slanted structure. The wettability of ED Surface with bodily fluids and blood is extremely high. Therefore, after it is inserted into the jawbone, proteins and cells congregate on it and promote vital reactions that benefit osteoanagenesis.

High wettability promotes vital reactions that benefit osteoanagenesis.
Achieves strong initial stability

The threaded area reaches the uppermost part of the fixture. In addition, the groove becomes shallower as it closes to the upper part, and therefore, strong initial stability is achieved.

Achieves strong initial stability
Enables osteoanagenesis up to the upper rim of the fixture

Applied up to the neck of the fixture, ED Surface enables osteoanagenesis even at the upper rim of the fixture.
In addition, thanks to the biological width at the boundary between an implant and an abutment, which is achieved with the platform switching, absorption of the alveolar bone is minimum.

Enables osteoanagenesis up to the upper rim of the fixture
Enables excellent operability and a close fit

Twin hex tapered structure of the fixture enables excellent operability and a close fit.

Twin  hex  tapered  structure of the fixture enables excellent operability and a close fit.

Prosthetic System

IAT EXA Prosthetic System consists largely of the following three systems.

Prosthetic System


Fixture Approval number : 20700BZZ00172000
Two-stage screw

Two-stage screw :
Standard fixture of IAT EXA

Two-stage cylinder

Two-stage cylinder :
Covers various prosthetics and enables speedy insertion.

One-stage screw

One-stage screw :
Suits the one-stage surgical procedure that eases the burden on patients.

Abutment Approval number : 20700BZZ00172000
Mucous membrane healing abutment

Mucous membrane healing abutment

Cement-retained abutment

Cement-retained abutment

Screw-retained abutment

Screw-retained abutment

Spare parts

Parts for fabricating prosthetics
  • Parts for dental impression Notification number : 11B1X10020000004
  • Implant analog
  • Technical parts
    Approval number : 20700BZZ00172000
    Approval number : 20900BZZ00940000

Cutting drills for osteotomy Notification number : 11B1X10020000001, 11BLX10020000003

Cutting drills for osteotomy

The drill system, which was highly evaluated especially in long-term clinical settings, is further improved in terms of cutting ability and durability. It helps to shorten the length of surgery and eases the burden on a living body.

Assistive tools Notification number : 11B1X10020000002

Assistive tools

Color-coded according to the diameter of fixtures, the tools are improved in terms of operability and safety.

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